Who are our clients?

Our clients are from diverse industries, services and technologies around the world. They include Global 100's, start-ups, not-for-profits, government institutions, universities and leaders around the world. What they have in common is a driving need to creatively differentiate and renew their products, services, and solutions in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous conditions.

How we can help

Our successful work with a wide array of organizations reveals how we bring differentiated and distinguished value to client's efforts in business transformation. With decades of experience in Innovation, Change and Business Development we know that to achieve success it is vital to integrate both the business and human development processes. We bring expertise and approcahes to create the dynamic balance of business, human and market development that translates into success and satisfaction for employees, stockholders, suppliers, and customers.


"Zeisler Associates was great. Everyone has ideas, but by allowing us to brainstorm, go off topic, get personal - you allowed us to trust each other and feel comfortable to say anything. I'll always remember this experience and look forward to helping this company continue leading the industry - especially with knowing that we have people like this group in the organization."

- Vice President, Product Innovation

"Your consultants really pushed our creativity to new heights and did a wonderful job bringing out the best in all of us. They distilled our thoughts when our minds were ” rambling “ in the right direction but needed some direction and kept our motivation peaked. They were the center spoke of the wheel and the fuel for our engine. I would want them to know how much we appreciated their knowledge, input and guidance."

- Senior Chemist

"I want to thank you for the excellent consulting role you played on the task force; your process design, facilitation skills, outside expertise and great sense of humor enabled us to establish an excellent foundation in Customer Focus on which to build."

- Senior Vice President

"Chemical plant performance was significantly improved in the first half of this year in utility/yield/energy consumption and chemical waste generation. Last item I proposed for an environmental award! When the formal booklet is distributed in the USA you will find us on one of the first pages with a “global environmental award”! A lot of that success was initiated after your session!"

- Production Manager, European Operations

"Your consultant has been a great inspiration for the team from day one. He has greatly pushed us to think about products in the next generation. I think that he used all of us in the team to equal levels initially to get us all to contribute to the team."

- Director, Market Research