Innovation and Change

Too many leaders are promoting small steps, trying to get by on incremental improvement efforts that were described in a Harvard Business Review article as “like fiddling while Rome burns.”

What It Takes

Over the last dozen or so years there has been a significant shift in what it takes to be successful - for businesses, government organizations, non-profits and individuals.

Your Biggest Threat

Regardless of what you do, your biggest threat is not from an industry rival doing something better, it's from somebody - the proverbial two kids in a garage, perhaps - doing something very different in the market space.

Creative Sparks

Business leaders who focus on doing things a little better each day are being replaced by those who can create the conditions that ignite the creative sparks in their people to create breakthroughs in products, services and solutions. Read More

Who We Are

We help companies innovate

Zeisler Associates, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm with world class expertise in the essential aspects of business innovation. Founded in 1994 by Steven Zeisler, we provide companies around the world with the tools, disciplines and actions that spark fresh ideas, drive implementation and propel our clients to higher levels of success; in products and services, business processes, customer focus and business strategies. Read More

Let Us Help You

  • Develop insight and forsight
  • Build a greenhouse climate that fosters innovation
  • Acquire creativity and innovation skills
  • Determine and install the leadership and management strategies, structures and processes for success
  • Navigate to higher performance in a VUCA World - Read More

What People Are Saying

  • "One of the ideas generated by your Innovation-After-Next Team may be the biggest revolution in our industry in my lifetime."

    President, New Product Development
  • "It was in your training session that the foundation was made for our current teamwork and innovation."

    Manufacturing Production Manager