In addition to consulting, Zeisler Associates offers powerful developmental workshops and seminars. While many clients take advantage of our most popular workshops below, we frequently are engaged to design, develop and deliver client-specific programs and workshops. We'll work closely with you from needs analysis through workshop facilitation to exceed your expectations.

All of our seminars and presentations are designed to incorporate the most advanced methods of adult learning. They encourage active involvement, use individual and group exercises, and incorporate business examples drawn from our years of experience in a variety of industries and markets. They are among the highest rated workshops by our customers.

Breakthrough Thinking

An exciting, hands-on, two-day workshop in which participants learn and practice proven Breakthrough Thinking tools and approaches that stimulate new perspectives, break through restrictive paradigms and drive ideas to implementation. Participants will also apply these tools in an Action Learning exercise that works on their real-world challenges and opportunities. In this workshop, participants expand their creative thinking toolkit, learn how to set a greenhouse climate for their teams and are better equipped to 'sell' new ideas and propel them through implementation.

“We have run the plant at significant improvement level since March this year. All major problems were solved, resulting in 20% energy reduction per kg of product and reduced chemical waste production (circa 80% less than last year). We think the new way of thinking/working did help. In your training session the foundation was made for our current teamwork.”

- Manufacturing Plant Production Manager; Netherlands

Leading in a V-U-C-A World

Participants will explore the latest research on the neuroscience of change and learn the skills, behaviors and best practices to improve their leadership effectiveness in times of rapid change, unpredictable outcomes, intricate marketplace dynamics and fuzzy intelligence. With examples from companies and government institutions around the world as well as from lessons learned at the US Army War College “Leading in a VUCA World” is an interactive and significant learning event for leaders at all levels. Read More

“I thought this seminar was outstanding. It provided me with helpful tools to explore thoughts and ideas beyond what I would have considered normal. I am eager to put my new found knowledge and skills into practice.”

- Regional Sales Manager

High-potential Leadership Development- The LEAD Institute

The LEAD Institute is a collaborative effort with our colleague organization, General Systems Consulting. LEAD is based on high-potential leadership development work developed for Motorola and thirty years of global leading and managing change consulting experience. LEAD is one of the finest educational programs on organizational change, leading people, managing systems and personal insight. But, it is much more than this. It is a process to translate insight into action. LEAD is a planned change process where high potential managers come to develop improvement plans they will implement on-the-job. Read More

“I sent one of my managers to the LEAD program about 8 years ago. The resultant feedback was so positive and dramatic that I continued sending my existing leadership team and made the LEAD program a requirement for all new managers.”

- VP of Operations

Leading Virtual Teams to Peak Performance

Getting peak performance from any team is a major challenge in today's fast paced business environments. While technology seems to make it easier for people scattered across geographies, cultures and time zones to work together without working face-to-face, leaders must learn new ways to direct and guide Virtual Teams to perform at higher levels in spite of the separation.

“...went over BIG...I had many of the attendees tell me at our break that they loved it and that the workshop had been very enjoyable and valuable to them.”

- Regional Scientific Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

Six Thinking Hats

Six Hats is a powerful framework developed by Dr. Edward de Bono that engages everyone to think in a constructive, parallel way. Participants will learn a robust model and tools that establish one distinct mode of thinking per hat - White: Information, data, facts · Red: Intuition, feelings, hunches · Yellow: Benefits, value, potential · Black: Caution, concern, danger · Green: New ideas, alternatives · Blue: Managing the thinking process.

“Best use of our brains in twenty-five years. You out-de Bono-ed de Bono!”

- Corporate Patent Attorney

Persuit of Uniqueness

In this workshop, business leaders learn to uncover growth opportunities through The Pursuit of Uniqueness model. The model shows them how to rethink the role of their customers, products and services and the supply chain to gain a stronger competitive position in today's highly turbulent marketplace. Read More

“The most valuable use of my time in any training course I’ve taken. Exceptionally enlightening.”

- Director of Technology

Effective Conversations

Participants will learn approaches and models to help them hold powerful conversations with direct reports, colleagues and managers. They will improve their abilities to solicit input and opinions from others, provide effective feedback, and understand that making a clear request at the outset will prevent potential performance issues down the road. They will learn to tackle the tough conversations while strengthening relationships; to hold conversations that change behavior; and to ensure that a process is in place for them and their employees to reinforce progress for the desired change

“I will use every single bit of this course every day and in my future career endeavors. Exceptional! Worth my time and effort..”

- - National Client Account Manager, Pharmaceutical Company